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Cockburn Badge Designs have been supplying top quality badges and associated promotional items since 1987. We offer badges in a wide range of styles and materials. Our bespoke design service allows you to specify size, shape and colour according to your club or association logo.  We are very proud of the design service we offer for Standard, Anniversary, Competition and Presidents' badges.

Hard Enamel Badges  

Hard enamel

Competition Badges  


Photoetch Badges 


Blazer Badges 




Hard enamel is the finest medium for creating top grade club or competition badges. Enamel badges continue to be very popular with bowls and archery clubs alike. Photoetch badges are often the preferred choice of smaller clubs, being more cost effective but also giving an excellent finish on fine details. Blazer badges are available in three mediums; hand embroidered wire or silk and machine embroidered. For further details please follow the links above.

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